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Annual Scientific Session

Each year, AMED hosts the world's most comprehensive microscope CDE event, featuring leading educators, hands-on training, outstanding networking events and more in an incredible destination. Members receive reduced tuition for annual meetings.

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Many patients visit our Online Member Directory each year to locate a microscope dentist in their area. Each member can be found easily with AMED's highly ranked "Find a Microscope Dentist" online search directory for referrals by fellow clinicians and by patients who seek microscopic level of care.

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Search Engine Optimization: Members Name, Practice Name, web address and biography are promoted in Search Engines for optimal rankings of their name and of their practice as a microscope dentist.

Use of Annual AMED logo for your website & other advertising marketing collateral materials.

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Each member receives a membership insignia pin & pen.


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"Do we see and then believe or do we believe and then we see? The truth is it is both. But the ultimate truth is if we can't see then we can't do it.... Most dentists don't need more patients, they need to see more of what is right before their eyes: the patient's dental condition. The single most significant measure a dentist can do for their practice in these challenging economic times is to see what is right in front of them.... Magnification is illuminating. The microscope brings us closer to reality."
- Dr. John West
"When you see well, you do well, and when you do well, you feel well."
- Dr. John Stropko
"The Operating Microscope is to cracks what radiographs are to decay."
- Dr. Jihyon Kim
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