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The Art of
Technology &
Microprecision Dentistry

OCT 20-22, 2017

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Denis Honegger, DDS

Dr. Denis Honegger graduated in 1974 at the Dental School, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva and stayed 3 years in the prosthodontic department and cariology department as a clinical assistant. He received his Doctor degree with Prof L.-J. Baume in 1979. For 34 years he has been running a private practice in Versoix, near Geneva. He began to work with the microscope, full time since 1999. He is fascinated by this approach and is internationally lecturing about microscopic dentistry to share the advantages of this technique. He is a member of the SSO ( Swiss Society of Odontology ) SSRD ( Swiss Society for Reconstructive Dentistry) and is currently member of the comity of the SSE (Swiss Society for Endodontology).



Lecture details:

System EVA - The Magical Instrument for the Marginal Finishing


System EVA-Profin, is a "Do It All" For Marginal Finishings

  • Description and presentation of finishings contra/angle for every preparation margins of cavities, before the realization of the work as much as after the making of the filling or after the sealing of the prosthetic element.
  • Review of the laminer tips enabling us to eliminate the overhangs of cement, amalgam, composite, gold and porcelain.
  • Video illustration of many different situations a generalist encounters daily in the buccal cavity, to show how the MO optimizes this instrument which becomes indispensable for the precise finishings of nearly all restorations and polishing of the inter-proximal surfaces, even the most difficult to access.

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